biopsy quiz 8 & 10



1.    You are going home one night when you drive through a sobriety checkpoint. The policeman asks you to get out of the car, holds one finger up in front of your face and asks you to follow his finger with your eyes only. What is he doing?

- He is checking to see if your cerebellum is functioning properly because the cerebellum is one of the first areas to be affected by alcohol.


2.    Motor neurons are:

- More numerous in spinal segments serving the arms & legs.


3.    According to PET scans, which of the following areas are the first to show activity when a voluntary movement is initiated?

- The parietal lobes & prefrontal cortex.


4.    Neurons controlling voluntary movement of the head are located in the:

- Dorsal portions of primary motor cortex.


5.    What is the function of striated muscles?

- Move the heart and the bones.


6.    In which of the following locations would we expect to find the greatest density of muscle spindles?

- The hands.


7.    One of the actions of the basal ganglia is the:

- Inhibition of the thalamus.


8.    The rubrospinal tract originates in the:

- Red nucleus.


9.    The lower gravity experienced by astronauts:

- Decreases muscle mass.


10. Neurons that fire when an organism either carries out ta movement or observes an organism carrying out the same movement are known as what?

- Mirror neurons.


11. Degeneration of the neurons of the substantia nigra is implicated in:

- Parkinson’s disease.


12. Drinking coffee is correlated with lower rates of:

- Parkinson’s disease.


13. Genetics may predispose people to developing _____ Parkinson’s disease.

- early onset, but not late-onset


14. What happens to the rate of firing in motor neurons as we age?

- Firing rates decrease, leading to slower and weaker muscle contractions.


15. The Babinski sign occurs when:

- Stroking the sole of the foot causes the toes to spread.


16. A muscle relaxes after contracting when

- Calcium is taken up by internal organelles.


17. Extrafusal muscle fibers:

- Are responsible for muscle contraction.


18. Ventromedial pathways provide:

- Automatic control of the neck and torso.


19. The cell bodies of alpha motor neurons are located ______ & each one enervates _____.

- In the spinal cord; either fast or slow twitch fibers, but not both


20. Quadriplegia usually results from:

- Spinal cord damage at the cervical level.

























1.    Mark is in a long-term, monogamous relationship, Karl is single & dates women occasionally, and Stephen has 3 girlfriends who all believe that he is monogamous. It is most likely that:

- Stephen has the highest testosterone levels, followed by Karl, and then Mark.


2.    Release of FSH

- Promotes the maturation of follicles.


3.    Emergency contraception (morning-after-pills) involves a:

- Series of normal oral contraception pills.


4.    When viewing photographs of people we love, as opposed to those of people we like, areas of our brains associated with:

- Reward become more active, but areas associated with social judgment become less active.


5.    Over the past 150 years in the United States, the average age at which puberty begins has:

- Decreased.


6.    Intersex refers to situations in which

- Both male and female elements occur in the same fetus.


7.    According to evolutionary psychology, the best reproductive strategy for

- Women is to be selective and for men to be promiscuous.


8.    The quantity of androgens produces by females is about ___ % of the quantity produced by males.

- 10


9.    Simon LeVay argued that human male sexual orientation is correlated with the size of the

- INAH-3.


10. Because Samantha is being treated for a disease that affects her adrenal glands, she is likely to experience:

- A reduction in sexual interest, because the adrenal glands supply about half of a woman’s testosterone.


11. Testosterone levels in men appear to fluctuate in response to:

- Competition


12. In the Norplant method of birth control, _______ is released over a period of six months.

- Progestin


13. Women may be attracted by body scents that reflect a man’s

- Immune system.


14. A male is more likely to be homosexual if he:

- Has several older brothers.


15. Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) are released in:

- Both males and females.


16. Women’s performance on tests of verbal and manual dexterity appear to be

- Best when estrogen levels are high.


17. Females with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH)

- Are more likely to engage in bisexual and lesbian behavior than typical females.


18. In adult humans

- Females maintain remnants of the Wolffian system, but the Müllerian system completely degenerates in males.


19. The hypothalamus controls the release of sex hormones by secreting

- GnHR


20. Men viewing the faces of beautiful women showed activation of the

- Nucleus accumbens